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The victims of Nazarbayev's regime are not anonymous. They are real people, with real faces. Those demanding that their rights be respected suffer serious repressions. There have been hundreds of people suffering from the regime's repressive actions. Below, we mention some of them but we must not forget that the list of those affected is much longer.

Vladimir Kozlov – leader of the largest opposition party Alga! When, in mid-2011, a strike broke out in Zhanaozen, Alga! was the first to begin supplying drinking water and tents to the striking workers. Kozlov organized seminars for strikes in order to maintain the peaceful nature of the protests.

In 2012, sentenced to 7 years and 6 months of prison, i.a. for “attempting to violently overthrow the government” and “creating and leading an organized criminal group”.

Bolat Atabayev – Theatre director, artist, activist
In 2012, he was accused of “inciting social hatred” and “calling for the violent overthrow of the constitutional order” and arrested. Released after an active international campaign, he was transferred frm the group of defendants to the group of witnesses.

Zhanbolat Mamay – journalist, leader of the youth organisation Ruk Pen Til
He supported postulates of the striking workers in Zhanaozen. Arrested between June and July 2012. Released thanks to the support from Reporters without Borders and the Federation of Italian Journalists.

Akzhanat Aminov – one of the strike leaders
Arrested in 2012 and charged with “inciting social hatred” and “calling for a violent overthrow of the constitutional order”. He pleaded guilty, although his activity consisted of distributing printed media and organizing meetings with independent media. He received a suspended sentence of 5 years in prison

Serik Sapargali – activist. After partially accepting his responsibility for the strike, he made a statement that he regretted the bloodshed that happened during the strike. He received a suspended sentence of 4 years in prison.

Roza Tuletayeva – one of the strike leaders
Dismissed for participation in the strike, she was subsequently detained. When testifying in front of the court, she informed that she was tortured during the interrogation. The Court refused to open the case on the basis of her testimony related to the torture she endured. Sentenced to 7 years in prison, after two months, her sentence was reduced to 5 years.

Natalia Sokolova – lawyer of the labour union of the striking workers
She was fighting for higher salaries for oil workers. Arrested at the beginning of the strike and sentenced to 6 years in a penal colony. HRW carried an action in her defence, thanks to which she was transferred to house arrest and her sentence was reduced to three years.